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IMPROVE SAFETY & COMPLIANCE                   IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY                                REDUCE COSTS                            

SAFETY                           INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY                            reduce costs


Take Control of Your Forklift Fleet

MLA FleetControl uses intuitive technology to link your business with your material handling equipment, optimising the performance of operators and forklift fleets. This is the most advanced and functional forklift fleet management technology available in the world today. FleetControl focuses on improving safety and compliance while increasing productivity and reducing costs associated with managing any size forklift fleet.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity are critical factors in successful fleet management. FleetControl allows management to capture real time data straight to a PC, tablet or smart phone, capturing vital information to optimise the performance of your forklift fleet.

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Safe forklift operation is encouraged by the prevention of untrained or unauthorised staff operating equipment. Operator compliance is made easy with automated operator pre-start checklists which identify any maintenance issues before equipment is used. 

FleetControl improves the way a forklift fleet is utilised. Decision making becomes better informed as it's supported by actual real time data on productivity by shift and provides measurable levels of operator behaviour. Because their behaviour is monitored and measured, operators naturally become more accountable, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. Improved accountability reduces product and equipment damage and increases efficiency.

Costs are further reduced as FleetControl allows you to establish regular service intervals based on actual usage and application. This simplifies scheduling of regular preventative maintenance, and eliminates over servicing.

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Optimising the Performance of Operators & Forklift Fleets

 FleetControl features


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MLA will install FleetControl and provide 24 hour monitoring to help you identify potential issues before they become a problem. Managing your fleet just became a whole lot easier. Contact MLA now. Call 1300 000 652.